Shaunae Miller’s Finish Line Dive At the Olympics Has Social Media Divided
Alexander Hassenstein

Bahamian sprinter Shaunae Miller finished the Rio Olympics women’s 400m race with a dive across the finish line.

Her other opponents, including reigning champ 30-year-old Allyson Felix, finished the competition the old-fashion way— by running.

In the moments leading up the end of the race, Felix edged Miller by a pace. As the women neared the end, Miller, perhaps feeling the magnitude of losing, desperately thrusted her body across the finish line and onto the floor.

So what do the technical rules say about this dive?

According to Yahoo, “the rules say a runner can go to the ground across the finish line as long as he or she doesn’t impede another in the process.”

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Some have called Miller’s dive unfair while others think Felix was stripped of her chance at a Olympic gold.

Despite her silver medal, Allyson Felix  still walked away from the race the most decorated female track and field player in U.S. Olympic history.

But Miller’s dive isn’t a first in recent Olympics history. In 2008, American runner David Neville won bronze with a dive in the 400m in Beijing. 

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