Everyone could use a little Shaun Robinson in their lives! 

The Emmy Award-winning journalist has just formed the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls as a way to empower young women through STEM education, the arts and healthy lifestyle choices.

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“I’m so excited to announce the launch of a dream come true!” Robinson said in a statement. “I want to cast the net wide to empower girls in ways that will truly level the playing field and help them thrive. Investing in girls today creates leaders of the future.”

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Representing (S)tem, (H)ealth, (A)rts, (U)nity and (N)eighborhoods, the organization aims to bridge the gap between girls and women in the United States with those across the world. 

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As the foundation’s first mission, Robinson plans to return to her hometown of Detroit, where she will work with a nonprofit that helps women and girls in underserved neighborhoods.

“I felt it was important to start in my hometown,” she said. “Detroit is the place of my roots, and this is a way that I can continue to give back to the city. I will be excited to shine the spotlight on our first grantee that exemplifies our commitment to helping our girls.”