Last night, Jennifer Hudson walked into the Kodak Theatre a winner long before she was named Best Supporting Actress. A full-figured reject from American Idol, Jennifer reinvented herself as a Hollywood star without shrinking.

In a time reserved for size 0 starlets and multi-hyphenates, Jennifer’s second shot at fame has been refreshing. She didn’t cave under the pressure (or fear) when working with her icons, and being curvaceous has never been an issue. When she’s not traveling, she says she’d rather be with her long-time hometown sweetheart, and we believe her. Why? Jennifer’s a lot like us, or who we want to be. Her girl-next-door beauty is more attainable than Halle’s or Beyoncé’s. Her perseverance during and after Idol needs to be taught to insecure women everywhere. And that I’m-too-happy-to-be-here giggle makes her bounce when she walks and sparkle when she smiles.

Watching Jennifer, you feel as if you, too, could be where she is, enjoying the time of your life because you’ve been through hell to get there. To us, Jennifer’s Oscar is more than a win, it’s a testament: When your time finally comes (and it will), act as if you never doubted your greatness.


Photo Credit: Wire Image

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