What words come to mind when you think of Shaquille O’ Neal? Maybe “enormous,” “tall,” “Lakers” or even “gentle.” But secret double agent?  Probably not.

The famed player reportedly faces a lawsuit for planting a tracking device on his wife’s car, abusing police and state attorney services to plant false evidence on a business associate, and trying to cover-up multiple affairs, Radaronline.com reports.

Shawn Darling, who became friends with O’Neal in 2007, filed his original lawsuit in 2010. He alleges that O’Neal inflicted “emotional distress and invasion of privacy” against him. He also says the baller feared his wife Shaunie would meet his alleged mistress Vanessa Lopez so he spied on her using advanced tracking systems.

Shaq was reportedly in cahoots with Miami Police to hide his affair and even hired third-party company to track Shaunie’s every move.

In an 85-page document, Darling also claims Mr. O Neal attempted to “frame him for possession of child pornography, have his house stormed by police, have him arrested for it, and have his computers confiscated…”

Are we really reading this? Please, say it ain’t so Shaq.

What do you think about the allegations?

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