Much has been said about Caroline Wozniacki’s on-court impersonation of Serena Williams a few weeks ago. The Danish tennis player set off an uproar of criticism when she stuffed her bra and buttocks with padding to mimic Willliams’ physique and proceeded to prance around the court, much to the delight of the crowd.

While some sports commentators found the prank “hilarious,” many African-American bloggers felt it was bad joke and Wozniacki was essentially making fun of Black women’s bodies.

So was it innocent fun or racist? Williams thinks it’s much ado about nothing. “I know Caro and I would call her my friend,” she wrote in an email to USA Today. “I don’t think she (meant) anything racist by it.” Williams also pointed to other players who have impersonated her but weren’t accused of racism. “[Andy] Roddick and [Novak] Djokovic do it all the time and Caro does (it) and now it’s racist.??” she said.

Nonetheless, Williams cautioned her friend to stay away from a prank that makes people angry. “If people feel this way, she should take reason and do something different next time,” she wrote.

The 15-time tennis champ added that she tries to stay above the negativity at all times. “At the end of the day I spend my time focused on things to become better and not bring me down,” she continued.

What do you think? Should we move on now that Serena says she isn’t offended?