It’s been a roller coaster week for Serena Williams.

The tennis star fled into her home’s panic room after her security cameras picked up an unexpected visitor lurking around her L.A. mansion. Her assistant called police at 6 a.m. to report a burglar, but soon realized it was a mistake.

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According to TMZ, “It was a false alarm — the person on Serena’s security camera was a random drug tester for an unspecified tennis association, stopping by Serena’s pad for some unannounced pee.”

It’s unknown whether or not she submitted a sample.

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As if that weren’t enough news for one week, the tennis star is being “blacklisted.”

The tennis champion has been chosen to be a part of the National Gallery’s “Black List,”  located in Washington, D.C. The “Black List” is comprised of 50 large-scale photographs highlighting African-Americans of distinction.

Created as part of a larger project by HBO’s Timothy-Greenfield Sanders, Williams shares the honor with Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Combs, and John Legend, among others.



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