Security Guard Who Pulled A Gun Out On Black Ohio Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Not Guilty
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A Toledo, Ohio security guard plead not guilty on Monday after allegedly threatening the life of an on-duty deputy sheriff, according to 13ABC. Local sheriff’s deputy Alan Gaston came to the IRS office, where the security guard worked, for a simple inquiry.

What was supposed to be a quick and simple inquiry escalated when Gaston approached the security guard and was asked to leave his firearm in the car. Gaston told the guard that he couldn’t leave the gun in his car. 

From the security videos obtained by ABC news, Gaston can be shown calmly and slowly leaving the office. A moment later, the video shows security guard Seth Eklund with a gun drawn on Gaston as he tried to leave the office. 

“Basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment. Bracing for a shot in my back,” Gaston told ABC syndicate WTVG. 

According to Gaston, the security guard even went as far as to try to apprehend him while he entered an elevator. 

“There’s really no way to know how you’re going to act when there’s a gun pointed at you and when you think you’re going to lose your life,” Gaston told WTVG.

While this occurred in the elevator lobby, there was a 911 call that was placed by someone in the office. The Toledo police eventually came to investigate the scene, but the person who made the 911 call left out the detail that one of the people involved was a deputy in uniform. 

After the incident Gaston filed a civil lawsuit against Eklund and his employer for his actions, according to WTVG. Now on medical leave, Gaston is suing for emotional and psychological distress and lost wages.