A Seattle woman broke into full hysteria after a man says she cut him off while driving, then allegedly proceeded to “flip him off” and call him the N-word.

Karlos Dillard posted the exchange between him and a woman identified as “Leah” to his social media. The video starts with Dillard following Leah into her driveway and confronting her about her road rage before she whips out the theatrics. 

It’s hard to decipher what “Leah” is saying in the video, but she notably shares,  “I have a Black husband,” “You are totally calling me something that I am not,” and “You’re attacking me.” Her screams alleging Dillard was harassing her got the attention of her neighbors. Dillard stood back while recording the interaction that has now gone viral. 

Karlos Dillard shared the exchange between him and the woman he coined a “Karen” on Instagram and Twitter.

On Instagram Dillard said, “I’m literally not leaving my house anymore. This Karen cut me off, break checked me and then followed me for 4 blocks. When I started recording her antics she peeled off and tried to get away with her racism. I had time today to let her know that i am not the one. I’m glad SEVERAL white and black people saw her racism and had my back.”

The full video posted to Instagram also shows a rare few minutes when Leah calms down and approaches Dillard to talk things through. “My heart is all about this movement,” Leah claims referring to the Black Lives Matter movement, before adding, “My heart is breaking right now because you don’t know how much I love humanity.” She also apologizes for her road rage but says she did not flip Dillard off.  

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As for Dillard, he was over Leah’s shenanigans and plainly tells her, “I don’t want to hear your white tears.” Though he tells her the exchange won’t end up on social media, it now has more than 175,000 views on the platform and an additional 4 million on Twitter. The video also sent “I HAVE A BLACK HUSBAND” trending.

Dillard summarized the day’s events by saying, “White women are doing way too much today.”


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