ESSENCE Poll: Are You Team Mellie or Team Olivia?

Last night’s episode of Scandal was the most action-packed of the season!

Mama Pope is alive, Cyrus used to be married to a woman, Sally’s husband likes men, Quinn has been tricked into joining B1613, and (in the most uncomfortable scene ever) Fitz’s father raped Mellie and as a result may or may not be the father of her first child?! Our heads are still spinning! This is clearly a game of chess, not checkers, and last night Shonda Rhimes proved she is still the chess master! 

As we try to sort out Shonda Rhimes’ next set of moves, one thing that is clear is her attempt to make viewers more empathetic towards the show’s first lady. Mellie has talked a big game about going to war against Fitz but her loyalty to him was made clear during last night’s set of flashbacks. For the first time in a long time, we saw the president and his wife have each others back and now we can’t help but wonder — who liked the view? 

Did last night’s break from Olivia and Fitz’s dramatic slow-jam-filled love scenes remind you that Fitz’s rightful place is next to his wife? Or do you still believe that everything Mellie has and continues to do is only for her own want to be in the White Hosue? Make your alliance known below gladiators.

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