On Monday, political action committee, Democracy for America, released the results of their third Presidential Pulse Poll heading into the 2020 elections. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris pull ahead as the top three candidates voters would back in the upcoming primaries. All three candidates have double-digit support.

Democracy for America Chair Charles Chamberlain weighed in on the results, saying, “The last three months have transformed the 2020 Democratic race for President and these results make it clear that Democracy for America members’ support is solidifying behind three candidates committed to bold, inclusive populism and structural reform.”

Since the organization’s April poll, both Warren and Harris have progressed to close in on Sanders’ lead that now stands at 32 percent. Warren comes in with 25.78 percent, and Harris rounds out the top three with nearly 12 percent. Joe Biden and Andrew Yang come in at fourth and fifth place, respectively. 

As for the issues, DFA asked voters which ones were most important to them. A Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and the impeachment of Donald Trump ranked at the top of the priority list for poll participants. Of the issues listed, Warren comes in as a top-three choice for all 27 named. 

Warren also took the top spot on issues that heavily affect the African-American community. They include voting rights, the end to gun violence, racial justice, criminal justice reform, and reparations. Harris placed high in those categories as well.

“Going into the second debate, there’s little doubt that Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have momentum building behind them,” Chamberlain said in a statement. “As Bernie Sanders continues in his position as the progressive front runner, we’re very interested to see if he uses this debate and the all-important month of August to build up from his robust base of support or cedes ground to the rising challenges of Senators Warren and Harris.”

The DFA poll was conducted between June 27 and July 17 among its members.