#SanctuaryCampus: Universities Nationwide Protest Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

University students throughout the nation have found a strategic way to protest the election of Donald Trump: turn their school’s into “sanctuary campuses” for undocumented immigrant students.

So far, over 100 schools have participated in the walkouts organized by a grassroots organization called the Cosecha Movement.

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The sanctuary campuses follows a similar idea as sanctuary cities, jurisdictions that have policies of not cooperating with federal immigration authorities. About 300 cities around the country have the “sanctuary city” status, and many mayors of cities like New York, Chicago and LA have recently repledged the commitment to keeping the sanctuary city status.

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Students are therefore calling on their administrations to give the universities a similar designation by limit cooperation with immigration authorities. Trump has promised to deport up to three million illegal immigrants.

“I have no illusions about the danger a Trump administration presents immigrants, and I’m walking out with my classmates because our universities have a moral responsibility to ensure all students and campus workers are shielded from the threat of deportation,” said Miriam Zamudio an undocumented student at Rutgers New Brunswick. “With #SanctuaryCampus we’re demanding universities pick which side they’re on. Do they want to protect our classmates and our communities, or let Trump normalize deportations and hate crimes?”

Is your school or alma mater a #sanctuarycampus? Let us know in the comments.