If you’ve ever managed to find room in your tight budget for a sew-in or a hair cut, you are not alone. In a recent article published by the New York Times, the hair salon industry is booming despite the tough economy.

The number of hairstylists and salons grew by about 8 percent from 2008 to 2009, the same period in which we faced a severe economic downturn. It seems like no matter how dire our financial situation may be, getting our hair done is a top priority.

“I’ll forgo a lot of things, but not my hair,” Rochelle Mills told the New York Times. I have to admit, I feel where this sista is coming from.

Although I agree that being financially responsible trumps expensive salon treatments, I understand that taking care of our hair is just as important as paying bills. Think about it — it’s hard for an employer to take you seriously if your hair is totally unkempt. Also, prolonging touch-ups and trims can cause irreversible damage such as breakage and split ends.

My advice? Find a happy medium that will keep your pockets and your hair happy. I’ve managed to skip a few salon visits by asking my stylist for products and styles I can try on my natural hair at home. If you wear a weave, experiment with high-quality synthetic hair versus high-priced human hair. A friend of mine also gets great deals on salon services at a local beauty school.

What tricks help you save money on maintaining your hair?

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