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A Moment In Time: The Best Twitter Reactions To The Royal Wedding

A Moment In Time: The Best Twitter Reactions To The Royal Wedding
Leon Neal/Getty Images
It was said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “were allowed to marry for love, not the crown.” And if there was any doubt, the fanfare around their big day was electric. The newly-crowned Duke and Dutchess of Sussex walked down the aisle on Saturday at Windsor Castle as millions watched on television and in the crowd. Of course their fairytale love story was also documented on social media—Twitter was especially buzzing about every moment, from the guest arrivals to the carriage ride down the city streets. Some even noted Markle’s glow-up since she once posed in front of Buckingham Palace as a teenager. And of course, it’s probably the most diverse wedding in Britain’s royal history, which was not missed by Black Twitter. After the ceremony, the couple makes their way to two receptions. The rest of us have the day to recover from their beautiful, epic love story.