Roseanne Barr Blames Michelle Obama For Getting Fired From ABC Reboot
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Roseanne Barr continues to fight to stay relevant, this time putting forever first lady Michelle Obama’s name in her mouth, claiming it was Obama’s fault (and not her racist tweets) that she got fired from the ABC reboot of the show Roseanne, which was consequently canceled and repackaged as The Conners without its star. Last May, Barr prompted outrage when she tweeted out that Valerie Jarret, the senior adviser to former President Barack Obama looked like the “Muslim Brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby.” Barr tried to “apologize,” claiming that it was a “bad joke” and insisting that she didn’t know that Jarrett was Black. Barr also claimed that the tweet was a result of her “inebriated condition” caused by mixing Ambien and a “couple of beers”—host of other pathetic excuses—but she was quickly terminated as public outrage escalated. Now, in a new interview, Barr claims she was really fired because Michelle Obama demanded retribution for insulting Jarrett. “She said, ‘This tweet is unforgivable,’” Barr told the Sunday Times Magazine of Michelle Obama. “That’s what I was told and I tend to believe it because the woman who fired me is now working with the Obamas at Netflix.” The woman who fired Barr is Channing Dungey, who at the time served as president of ABC Entertainment Group. Dungey has since been hired as vice president of original content at Netflix, the streaming network with which the Obamas secured a multiyear production deal. Barr also attempted to once again “clarify” her racist tweet, which she acknowledges was a “very stupid thing” but was meant as an attack on the Obama administration’s ties to Iran which she claims is anti-Semitic. “I should have written it backwards,” she said. “It came out dyslexic. It should have been, ‘Valerie Jarrett’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have now allowed Iran’s government to remain, as in the movie Planet of the Apes.” In general, Barr seems to also think that anti-Semitism was part of the reason behind her firing, rather than her outright racism. “They wanted to take a Jew down,” she told the Times. “They wanted to take down a Zionist because they think that Zionists are the problem with everything in the world, and a lot of people in this country think like them.” Ok, girl. She also thinks politics and her support of President Donald Trump became an issue. “They hate powerful women and they hate powerful, deplorable women and I do consider myself deplorable,” she said. “Deplorable is the greatest thing Hillary [Clinton] ever called us, because it empowered a revolution — we are deplorable to her kind. Of course, all working-class people are deplorable to her because it was working-class people that elected Trump.” The president, according to Barr, is a “genius” and a “real deep thinker.” “Part of why I love Trump is that he took so many of my ideas,” she noted. Barr also feels some comradery with the president, as they both seem to shovel their feet down their throats when it comes to controversial tweets. “Don’t forget you can’t judge anyone for how they tweet on Twitter,” she quipped.  


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