Say What? UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey’s Great-Grandfather Was a Black History Pioneer
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In news that came completely out of left field, it’s been revealed that Ronda Rousey is related to one of North America’s first Black physicians, Dr. Alfred Waddell.

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TMZ spotted the UFC fighter hanging out with her mom and sister in LA when Ronda’s mom busted out this little nugget of history after the camera guy asked Rousey about the last movie she saw, her mom revealed,

“I’ll give you a movie. Before His Time, it’s my grandfather – Ronda’s great-grandfather – they show it at Black History Month every year in Canada ’cause he was one of the first Black physicians in North America.”

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Dr. Waddell was born in Trinidad and left after marrying Amelia Maria. He worked odd jobs in New York, before leaving his family behind to study medicine in Halifax. His wife and four children joined him later after he graduated in 1933. Waddell actively fought against discrimination and social injustice and treated patients who often had no access to medical care.

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The more you know, right?

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