Rodney Small is just 4-years-old, but the precocious little one is already versed on plane etiquette and knows no one should have their feet up on another passenger’s armrest.

So when it happened to him while on a United Airlines flight home from a trip to Disney World, little Rodney promptly, and politely did what needed to be done.

“There are stinky feet behind me,” Rodney quips to his dad Darryl Small, who recorded the incident and loaded it to Facebook.

In the video you catch a glimpse of the person’s bare toes kicked up on the back of Rodney’s armrest.

Rodney peeks behind of him to see who dared encroach on his space, only to find out it was a woman.

“It’s a lady!” he says in shock, as his father tries desperately (and fails) not to crack up.

Orlando Florida was good to us… but this little dude had me dying laughing on the flight back to Houston…. just click play… comment below… and don’t forget to share share share 🤣🤣🤣PS… to the lady behind us… again I apologize 🤣🤣🤣Follow Rodney’s Instagram page @JustRodneyOnealFollow me on Snapchat @ImFromTheStead for more hilarious videosTo use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Posted by Darryl Small on Friday, May 17, 2019

Rodney then turns back and inquires “Why do you have your feet behind me?” as his father cracks up next to him.

“To the lady behind us… again I apologize,” Small wrote in the Facebook post.

According to the New York Daily News the unidentified passenger immediately moved her feet.

As she should have.

Rodney, kudos to you for speaking up for yourself. Unfortunately, as you continue to travel this world, you’ll have a lot of speaking up to do, as some airline passengers just don’t seem to get it.

And to the rest of you heathens, keep your feet on the ground where they belong.

For those of you who want to continue following Rodney, perhaps for more sage travel tips, his dad created an Instagram account for him, which has already amassed more than 1,000 followers.