Last weekend, the world learned the sad news of police brutality victim Rodney King’s sudden passing. Today, we learn that his fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, who found his body at the bottom of their pool, will not be invited to attend his funeral, reports

According to reports, King’s family has decided not to include her in any funeral plans because they feel she hasn’t helped since his death and are suspicious that she may have had some involvement. Sources tell the news site that she hasn’t reached out to his family and, because they knew him to be a strong swimmer, they find her story about his drowning unlikely. Kelley reportedly told police that on the morning of his death she heard King knock on the window and then fall into the pool. Police are still investigating King’s death, and it’s still being called an accident at this time. King’s funeral services will be held next Saturday in Hollywood.

Do you think it’s wrong for King’s family to turn on his fiancée? Should she be allowed to attend the funeral, even if the official cause of his death has still not been determined? Tell us your thoughts below.