Robin Thicke Reveals Why Paula Patton Left Him
Getty Images

Robin Thicke’s testimony from his lawsuit with Marvin Gaye’s family over hit-song “Blurred Lines” was recently released by a Los Angeles federal court on Monday.

In the candid testimony, obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, the singer reveals a year-long battle with drugs.

“I was high on Vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio [to record ‘Blurred Lines’],” said Thicke in his deposition. He goes on to say that he “didn’t do a sober interview” in 2013, including his appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter with his then-3-year-old son Julian. Adding that the problem lead to his separation from wife and high school sweetheart Paula Patton.

“I told my wife the truth. That’s why she left me,” he said.

Thicke concluded his admission by saying he’s been sober from Vicodin for “many months” but still drinks alcohol. We wish him the best on his road to recovery.