Robin Thicke knows a thing or two about keeping his marriage healthy. Just listen to his music for goodness sakes! While on the red carpet of Sunday night’s American Music Awards he said lots of sex is the key to a happy, successful, passionate marriage to actress Paula Patton.

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He may be on to something!

“My wife is an actress, a mother a wife and I’m a husband, a father a singer so we haven’t seen each other a lot the past couple weeks,” says Thicke. “We won’t see each other a lot until Christmas and it’s very difficult, but the only thing that gets us by is having great sex together. There is never enough [sex]. When it does happen, it goes on for hours.”

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With such busy demanding jobs sex is certainly high on the list of priorities when you get to see your spouse. He concluded “It’s the only way to keep everything on par,” reports the YBF.

Do you agree? Is sex the best way to keep everything kosher in a relationship?


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