Robin Roberts Expected to Return to ‘GMA’ Next Summer
Fred Lee/ ABC

Despite steadily recuperating from a bone marrow transplant last fall, Robin Roberts may not be healthy enough to work until summer of 2013.

That’s the latest news dug up by TMZ reporters. A source close to Good Morning America and Roberts told them it’s “too risky” to return now because her immune system simply isn’t strong enough to handle it. She may not be well enough to work until May or June of next year.

Although this may seem like terrible news, Roberts is reportedly doing well and is recovering just fine.

The TV anchor suffered a minor health setback in November when she spent a week in the hospital. “A latent virus, many of us have, was not responding to medication and was pulling down my numbers,” she shared on Facebook.

Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome—a rare blood disorder—over the summer and underwent a bone marrow transplant in September.

Fans and supporters can keep up with Roberts’ progress via her blog and other stories here.

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