Robin Roberts Announces ‘Good Morning America’ Return
Fred Lee/ ABC

Robin Roberts appeared on Good Morning America this morning to announce she’s ready to come back to work! Fans can expect to see her smiling face within a few weeks.

“I’m coming home,” said Roberts, live on the air. “We’re talking now a matter of weeks, not months.” The news comes as a surprise as previous reports indicated she wouldn’t be well enough to return until the summer.

However, despite the eagerness to get back into the anchor seat, there are a number of a precautions and hurdles she must initially cross. “I should be back sometime in February,” said Roberts. “Now I have a date in mind that’s very personal and very important to me but I will ultimately listen to, of course, what my doctors say and, of course, we have to remember we’re in the height of flu season. There’s a lot of factors still.”

Beginning next week, Roberts will slowly get back into her morning routine of waking up at 4:00 a.m., heading to the studio for makeup and hair. However, Roberts will not appear on air. Her doctors want to see how many people she comes in contact with and how her skin reacts to the makeup and heavy lights.

On January 1, Roberts celebrated her 100-day milestone in her recovery from a bone marrow transplant last fall.

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