Wyoming High School Students Disciplined After Dressing As KKK
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Two Wyoming high school students have reportedly been disciplined after showing up to school dressed in white robes, pointed hats and crosses, outfits reminiscent of the KKK.

According to Terry Snyder, the superintendent of the Fremont County School District No. 25, the actions of the students were intentional and meant to be interpreted as such, ABC News reports.

“Yesterday, two students entered the school building with white robes and a white hood pulled over one of the student’s faces,” Snyder told the network. “The high school administration was informed and they immediately investigated it and identified the behavior to be intentional as to their intent to represent KKK attire.”

The students’ attire drew attention after a photo started circulating on social media, according to a Facebook post by Riverton High School. The students can be seen wearing full white robes, pointed hats and crosses. One student is seen holding an American flag.

“One student’s decision does not represent our school or district. We are an inclusive school that is proud of our diverse population and celebrate that fact regularly,” the school stated on Facebook, noting that it has “taken disciplinary measures.”



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