RiRi is not happy about this one. MTV Canada recently ran a story saying the singer supposedly wrote a tweet concerning her abusive relationship with Chris Brown. Furious, Rihanna says she never wrote the tweet which reads: 

“‘I admit it. I provoked Chris [Brown] to hit me. It not entirely his fault. #imSORRY?’ “

 Besides responding angrily through her representatives, the singer recently gave the news outlet a real piece of her mind via Twitter:

“@mtvnewscanada are u f**king kiddin me?????? You’re supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bulls**t u post??”

MTV Canada responded to the controversy by tweeting, “#Rihanna fans. We were reporting on a story that was posted on several sites today. We had no intention to be salacious.”

What do you think about the tweet MTV Canada ran on Rihanna? Salacious or a simple mistake?