And Rihanna takes the crown!

According to social media statistic service, the red-hot singer has surpassed Lady Gaga as the most popular female artist on Facebook with a loyal 40, 598,000 Facebook fans.  Currently, Gaga sits second place with 40,565,000 fans — not too shabby, but still not Rih Rih.

After making the 40-million mark, Rihanna posted, “40 mil! 1 LOVE #RihannaNavy” on Facebook. She also celebrated her milestone by retweeting a fan who wrote, “I just read that @rihanna is the most liked female on facebook #yougogirl #winning.”

With her new following, the only musical artist who still tops her on Facebook is Eminem, who currently has 43.3 million fans. But based on her loyal audience, it may not stay that way too long? Folks seem to love our girl in red.

Congrats Rihanna!

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