Rihanna suffered a loss, Lewis Hamilton issued an apology and Xavier University has a new exhibit highlighting the beauty of Black women. 

Rihanna is in mourning. The singer shared on Instagram that the day after seeing her cousin, Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, in Barbados for Christmas, he was shot and killed. The 21-year-old was the 31st person killed on the Caribbean island this year. [Nation News]

Tyra Patterson spent her first Christmas in 22 years with her family. Wrongfully convicted of murder in 1995, support garnered around her story from celebrities and local activists helped in getting her released just in time for the holiday. Patterson was one of five people charged in the slaying of a Dayton, Ohio woman. [Dayton Daily News]

New Orleans’ Xavier University has a new exhibit centered around Black womanhood, thanks to actress and artist, C.C.H. Pounder. The talented Guyana native curated an extensive art collection featuring exclusively African artists and artists from the African diaspora —including pieces from her own personal collection. The exhibit opened Nov. 16 and closes Feb 26, 2018. [The Glow Up]

Cardi B is seeking legal action against hackers. Nude photos of the rapper sent to her fiancé, Offset, were made public —in addition to an alleged cheating incident— and her team is doing a full investigation to find the culprits. [TMZ]

South African music veteran, Robbie Malinga, has passed away. His family shared that he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in June and was in and out of the hospital in the months after. The “Mkhuzeni” singer was said to be working on an upcoming album. [Sunday Times]

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton is in hot water. On Christmas, the racer filmed himself on Instagram making fun of his nephew for wearing a princess dress. On Twitter —following the onset of criticism— he said it was a “lapse of judgment.” [CNN]

Dana Hale is now seeking legal council after wrongfully being accused of credit card fraud in a Detroit Saks Fifth Avenue. After Hale bought over $6,000 worth of goods in the Louis Vuitton boutique within the department store, and a teller agreed to hold her purchases while she shopped around at other stores, Hale was approached by authorities claiming her card was declined. After showing her receipt —proving that the legal purchase went through— she returned the goods and said they could keep their items. [Vibe]