Donald Etra, who is representing Rihanna‘s interest in the assault case against former boyfriend Chris Brown, told reporters today that his client may receive a subpoena to testify at a preliminary hearing on June 22, according to the Associated Press.

The hearing is to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to proceed with the case against Brown. If she is called as a witness, Etra said that Rihanna will appear. Brown is expected to be in court on that day as well. Putting her on the stand means that the pop princess will also be subject to cross-examination by Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos.

Today, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg rejected Geragos’s attempt to receive police and investigative records related to the case.

Brown was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Rihanna in February. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

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What do you think Rihanna is going to say once she testifies in court?