We’re Obsessed With Rhythm & Rumble (And You Will Be Too!)
@rhythmrumbleworkout via Instagram

If going to the gym is at the bottom of your list for things you do for fun, this new workout may change all of that. Part cardio, part purpose building, Rhythm and Rumble takes the traditional laissez-faire cardio workout (interval training, high-low movements) and makes it interactive and engaging and expands the workout system into a way of life. Here are a few tips from fitness expert and RR founder, Cheryl Jones.

For Beginners: “The biggest tip I offer Rhythm Rumble beginners is to remember this workout is a celebration of individual expression, freedom creativity and individual expression.  It meets you where you are.  Allow yourself to be in the moment, be vulnerable, release judgment and have fun!”

For Couples: “The RR workout’s unique partner component makes it an ideal workout that the entire family can enjoy!   The partner component of the workout makes it a particularly great workout for couples; it allows participants to exercise in unison in a fun, face-paced, creative environment resulting in an emotional bonding seldom seen in traditional exercise programs.  Rhythm Rumble provides couples with the opportunity to bond around fun, exciting and highly interactive.”

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The Warm Up: Since the Rhythm Rumble Workout is different from anything you will experience in a workout program, the best way to prep for it is to free your mind, release yourself of all prior expectations, be in the moment and enjoy the experience while getting in the best shape of your life!

For Your Playlist: Rhythm Rumble Workout has its own music created specifically for Rhythm Rumble and is a big part of the Rhythm Rumble Experience.  A few of the favorite tracks on our Rhythm Rumble Workout CD are ‘Rhythm Rumble’, ‘Afrique Groove’ and everyone’s favorite ‘Increase the Heat!’  All produced by Grammy award winner, producer and songwriter David Cochran.  

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