It’s the third week of ” Dancing With The Stars” and three times might just be the charm! Our dancing favorites show us how it’s done and even receive our title for this season’s Most Improved.


NFL alum Lawrence Taylor had a lot to prove after giving so-so performances for the first two weeks of the competition. Taylor was relentless during his rehearsals for last night show and delivered! While dancing the samba, the athlete was light on his feet and wowed overexcited judge Bruno that this football player actually had “rhythm!”  His improvement was noted and the judges gave him a score of 20.


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David Alan Grier too had to make up for previous mediocre routines and he was determined to do so. He and his partner danced the foxtrot, bringing Broadway to the stage as Grier did impressive high kicks and clean turns. He’s truly taking his dancing very seriously and now so are the judges.  The actor received a total of 24 points, making it his highest score thus far.  We thought he was the weakest link but hey he might just have some potential!


Last but not least, Lil’ Kim made her way onto the dance floor, ready to give everyone what they’ve been waiting for: Lil’ Kim.  The rapper and  her partner danced the Samba, a fast-paced number that allowed her to bring the Lil’ Kim sex appeal that we’re all accustomed to seeing.  Don’t worry, the “Queen B” didn’t go overboard but proved she can get down and dirty with the rest of them.  Her nerves still seem to get the  best of her, but despite her excusable mistakes managed to sell it to the judges.  Kim is still a strong contender and scored 25 points to prove it.


Tune in to tonight’s show to see who goes home and who will be good enough to return for week four!