A family in Texas has a lot to be thankful for. According to CNN, 6-year-old Mason Lindeman was attacked by a dog while playing outside on Sunday, however, his concerned neighbor came to the rescue.

Click 2 Houston reported that 19-year-old Grant Brown heard screams coming from his block when he looked and saw a dog attacking the young boy. Although he did not know the child, Brown leaped into action, hoping to get the dog off of the young boy who was obviously in harm’s way.

“As soon as I noticed I just ran over there without thinking and I didn’t know how, but I knew I had to get the dog off of the boy,” Brown told Click2.

Once the young man approached the pitbull, the animal’s eyes turned on him. You can see in the video that captured the attack Brown attempting to quickly run away in the direction of his home. Before long, the dog catches up to him, throwing him to the ground.

“The dog was on top of me before I knew it and I knew I had to keep his mouth away from me,” Brown said.

According to reports, while Brown was struggling with the canine, Mason was able to run to his mom Jillian, who said she only stepped away momentarily when the aggression happened. 

Shortly after, Brown manages to get up and run from the pitbull that was later surrendered to Montgomery County Animal Control.

“I just want to give the guy a hug, there’s nothing I can do but just say thank you,” Jillian Lindeman said.