Stephon Clark died after being shot 8 times–with 7 bullets striking him in the back–according to an independent autopsy report by a medical examiner hired by his family.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist, concluded Clark was struck in the neck, thigh, and back and bled out for several minutes before finally dying.

“His death wasn’t instantaneous,” Omalu said, noting Clark’s “death took about three to 10 minutes.”

After firing 20 shots at Clark, striking him a total of 8 times, it took police several minutes before they began rending aid.

Police shot Clark just seconds after encountering him in his grandparents’ yard. While their initial account said the father of two was advancing toward them with an object in his hand, Omalu concluded that based on his entry wounds, Clark “was not facing the officers” when he was first struck.

Imam Omar Suleiman, who helped prepare Clark’s body for his memorial service said police “massacred” the Sacramento man.

#StephonClark was massacred. His body was in such bad shape that we couldn’t do the ritual washing (ghusl),” Suleiman said. “The brothers did a substitute ritual (tayammum) and are horrified by the sight.”

Clark was laid to rest Thursday during an emotionally-charged funeral. His death has sparked widespread protest in California’s capital, as well as around the nation.

Clark’s grandmother, Sequita Thompson, who was home when her grandson was killed said she only wants one thing.

“Justice! I want justice for my baby,” she said during an emotional press conference earlier this week. “I want justice for Stephon Clark. Please give us justice!”