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Report: Adele Walks Away From $20 Million L'Oreal Deal

The British singer was poised to become the new face of the mega cosmetics brand.
Report: Adele Walks Away From $20 Million L’Oreal Deal
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Adele could have been rolling in deep, deep dough (all puns intended).

According to Yahoo, the British singing sensation reportedly walked away from a $20 million L’Oréal deal.

Although many details aren’t known, Adele was poised to become the highest paid celebrity in the brand’s history. A deal that both parties could have greatly benefited from. Had she signed on the dotted line, the “Skyfall” singer would have replaced current spokesmodel Cheryl Cole and joined fellow mega stars Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and more among the elite selected to represent the brand.

“L’Oréal was in negotiations for the deal with Adele and it looked to be happening—but she just changed her mind on it,” said an insider. “L’Oréal is gobsmacked that she turned down such a huge amount.”

Adele has proven time and time again that she’s not in the business for the fame or money. “I don’t want my name anywhere near another brand,” she said in a past interview. “I don’t wanna be tainted or haunted. I think it’s shameful when you sell out.”