Renisha McBride’s Killer Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison
AP Images

Theodore Wafer was sentenced Wednesday to a minimum of 17 years for fatally shooting Renisha McBride last November. The Detroit resident will serve 15-30 years for the second-degree murder and manslaughter charges and two years for the felony firearm conviction.

Wafer was found guilty of the charges in August, despite testifying that he shot McBride in self-defense when she knocked on his door seeking help after getting into a car accident. A juror from the trial recently told the Detroit Free Press that no one believed his claim.
During the sentencing, Wafer apologized to McBride’s family saying, “From my fear, I caused the loss of a life that was too young to leave this world. And for that, I carry that guilt and sorrow forever.”
McBride’s sister, Jasmine, and father, Walter Simmons, told NBC News after the hearing that they are happy with Wafer’s sentence. “I believe justice was served and I believe my sister can rest peacefully now,” said Jasmine.