One year ago today, the music industry lost a mighty voice. It was then that Amy Winehouse tragically passed away from “unintended consequences of accidental alcohol poisoning,” said British coroner Suzanne Greenaway last fall. She was 27.

On this first anniversary, her father, Mitch, posted a very thoughtful message detailing his relationship with his late daughter. “I’ve always loved music; it’s always been an enormous part of my life,” wrote Mitch. “It formed a big part of my relationship with Amy and was as important to her as it was to me. Amy always surrounded herself with music, even during her darkest times.”

Mitch says he has trouble listening to her music, but on this day he will listen to a song near and dear to him. “Sometimes listening to Amy’s music helps me; sometimes it makes me feel more sad. I miss Amy more than I can say.”

Listen to one of Winehouse’s biggest hits, Tears Dry On Their Own, below.