My Best Friend is Coming Between Us!

When Shalinda Garris’s childhood friend, Kenneth fell on hard times and found himself living in a men’s shelter, she invited him to move into the small New York apartment she shares with her fiance, Thomas Thibodeaux and her teenage daughter until he got back on his feet. The last thing the 30-year-old advertising executive expected was that she might be jeopardizing her impending marriage. But after five long months, Kenneth is still sleeping on the engaged couple’s living room floor, and her fiance has had it.

Thomas, 33, wants Kenneth to move out. But Shalinda doesn’t feel as if she can ask her friend to leave because he’s always been there for her over the course of their 21- year friendship, supporting her through an unplanned teenage pregnancy and a physically abusive relationship.

Thomas and Shalinda, who were getting along very well before Kenneth’s arrival, now frequently argue over whether or not they should ask Kenneth to pack up his things and leave. Everyone has a breaking point, and Shalinda wonders if this will be Thomas’s.

Post your advice on how they can meet in the middle. And see our November 2006 issue for the full story and an expert’s advice.

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