Reclaiming My Time: Maxine Waters Shows The Treasury Secretary That She Is Not One To Be Messed With
Alex Wong
Maxine Waters showed she was no pushover when she squared off with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Thursday, also creating a new empowerment saying for women: “reclaiming my time.” Waters had asked Mnuchin why he had yet to respond to a letter that the committee had sent him a while ago involving Trump’s finances.
Mnuchin appeared to be trying to run the clock down on the few minutes Waters had to ask questions, using tactics like trying to compliment her. But Waters wasn’t having it! “I don’t want to take my time up with how great I am,” she interrupted him, trying to refocus the question. But when Mnuchin failed to do so, Waters said that she was “reclaiming my time.” Their back and forth — Mnuchin’s dodging tactics and Waters’ firm rebuke of it– lasted for about a minute. Mnuchin even blamed her for his inability to answer the question because she was interrupting him. Though some media outlets incorrectly framed the interaction as a “meltdown” on the part of Waters, many on social media saw her no-nonsense attitude differently.   What did you think of the interaction?