Tuesday morning, a friend, sent me a link to an alleged full frontal pic of Kanye West protégé, rapper Big Sean. 

To call him “blessed and highly favored” would be an understatement. If the motion in the ocean is anything comparable to the size of the ship, he’s left many a happy woman in his talented and gifted wake.

But while the view is impressive, I have to say I’m sick of seeing it. Not Sean’s specifically, but male, uh… baggage, in general.

In the last two years, I’ve seen the packages of Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Kanye West (all packs on packs on packs, actually). And too, a bunch of professional male athletes who were surprisingly underwhelming as I expected them to have more to offer because of their height and shoe size. But I digress…

I know guys want to show off their “stuff and stuff.” Perhaps it’s Peacock Syndrome, where they are proud of their… uh, feather? But what guys fail to realize is that while there’s a societal double standard that keeps us from seeing naked pics of them and crying “whore!” there is no double standard that keeps men from being seen as “needy” or desperate for attention.

Conveniently, male full frontal pics, pop up (no pun intended) right when there’s an album getting ready to drop or they need a sales boost. Sometimes, it’s an athlete who’s bored in the off-season, misses the roar of the crowd and drops trou to re-live the flashing lights. They never leak the pics, of course (you don’t believe that, do you?). It’s always blamed on a disgruntled ex who happens to care so much to give them a quick popularity spike just when a guy needs it most. Riiiiight.

Which brings me to my next point: If you are a celeb, why in Ye’s name are you sending naked pics? Don’t they know by now that people pass them around, sell them, or better, send them to Media Takeout and World Star Hip-Hop so all the world can see? And you know as many that have landed online, there’s many more to go, right? I’ve even received a few from misguided, well-known men who thought showing me what’s in their pants would land them a spot in ESSENCE. Just last month, I had to alert a man’s well-respected publicist, “Excuse me, XXX, but are you aware your client is sending me pictures of his @#?!” She begged me not to forward them. (I didn’t and won’t.)

I appreciate the confidence anyone must have (women included) to photograph themselves in their birthday suit, but whipping it out should be reserved for private times with you and the one you love, or at least the one you’re getting it on with. I’d rather hear the lyrics or peep their prowess on the court than see celebrity “junk” in my inbox or front and center on my favorite gossip site. Maybe that’s just me though.

Do you want to see more full frontal celeb men?

Demetria L. Lucas is the Relationships Editor at ESSENCE and the author of “A Belle in Brooklyn: Your Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life” (Atria) in stores now. Ask her your dating and relationship questions on Formspring.me/abelleinbk

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