Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? To me, it seems like it just snuck up this year. But luckily I have the weekend to fetch a gift for my dude — so do you.
Rewind. Yes, you read that right. Your man should be getting a gift. From you. On Valentine’s Day. If he has been on point this year — and he better have been, if you’re still claiming him — he is deserving of a gift. V-Day isn’t just about women receiving; it’s about giving too.

Don’t know what to get him? Skip the stuff we like — though a sexy new lingerie set for you may be the gift that keeps on giving for him. But no, really. Don’t buy that man chocolate, roses, flowers, or anything else girly! Your man wants a man-gift, and I have the list of items that will make him break out a for-real smile, not a fake one as he wonders, “What in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is this?!” Keep in mind: My list is general, and gifts are best when they have a personal touch. Tailor your selection to your man’s likes — you should know them well since you’re his lady.

Men are basic. Load an iPod shuffle with a playlist he’ll enjoy (updated version of an old-school mixtape), or head to Home Depot and see what’s new in stock. If it has an on/off switch, and especially if it goes vroom or bang or pow, you can’t go wrong. Even if he hates it, his thrill in going to the hardware store or a Best Buy will redeem you plenty.

Sports Paraphernalia:
It doesn’t matter if football season is over. His love for his favorite team still lives on, and basketball is still in session. Get a hat, a jersey, or a tee with his favorite team’s logo or just get anything with the team colors. He can wear it with pride to the sports bar when he bonds with the boys over a beer and the next big game.
Many men take their shoe collection very seriously, as serious as we take ours.  Head to to create an exclusively designed shoe just for him (consider adding the colors of his favorite team). Or, if he’s really picky (like my dude), get a gift certificate so he can create a pair himself.

Your man takes pride in smelling good. Check his supply to see what he’s running low on and re-stock it for him. He’ll appreciate that you’ve been paying attention. Also, don’t be afraid to add to his collection with a scent for him that drives you wild. Even if he doesn’t love the smell, he will love your reaction to it.
Let’s not front. Valentine’s Day is a day of romance! And there’s no better way to end the night than with a lil’ somethin’ somethin,’ as Maxwell called it. Out of the thousands of men I’ve interviewed about romance, the ideal went something like this: spending a nice time with their lady, having a nice conversation, and then some luvin’ to top it off! It’s a gift for him, and a “gift” for you. Put it on him, ladies!  And enjoy!

Demetria L. Lucas is the author of “A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life” (Atria), in stores now. Follow her on Twitter @abelleinbk