The hashtag #MoveMojito began trending after a video of an older white woman harassing her neighbor went viral.

In an interview with HuffPost, aspiring model Rayne Burse recounts the racist encounter she experienced with her neighbor while walking her dog, Mojito.

“I saw her coming out of her back door,” Burse recalled. “ I was talking with my mom on the phone, but I put her on hold to tell the woman, ‘I’m sorry if I’m trespassing,’ and then move away.”

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When the woman, who was identified by police as 63-year-old, Maria Dorrbecker, started pointing her finger and griping at Burse, Burse decided to end the call with her mom to begin recording her predicament.

In the video, Burse is heard asking Dorrbecker, why she is following her, to which Dorrbecker replies, “Because you’re part of South Miami.” Dorrbecker then threatens to report Burse for reasons unknown.

Burse, who was new to the neighborhood had moved in with her fiancé, Christopher Riker, a delegate for Bernie Sanders, HuffPost reports.

Watch the encounter above.

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