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Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake Says Marilyn Mosby Bowed To Political Pressure

The mayor accused Mosby of moving too quickly before the Freddie Gray investigation had been completed.
Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake Says Marilyn Mosby Bowed To Political Pressure
Win McNamee

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is accusing stat’s attorney Marilyn J. Mosby of bowing to political pressure after rushing to prosecute the six officers involved in the Freddie Gray investigation. 

According to The Baltimore Sun, Rawlings-Blake believes Mosby should have told the public that she needed more time to conduct s thorough investigation. “The political pressure is real when you are in big jobs, and you can’t bow to the political pressure and charge when you’re not ready. You have to stand up, be in the big role and say to the people … you need time to continue to investigate,” she said. 

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The mayor’s comments come after a recent profile of Mosby for The New York Times Magazine in which the attorney accused the mayor along with then-police commissioner Anthony Batts of misinforming the public and setting artificial time tables. 

Rawlings-Blake said she never intended to have a public conversation about her private conversations with Mosby, adding that the prosecutor seems to misunderstand the differences in their roles. The mayor also shared that what Mosby didn’t reveal was her attempt to hold the release of information to the publlic.

“She told us to hold off, and don’t put it out there, don’t make it public; I couldn’t do that, so I know she was probably upset about it. As soon as we had that information, I wasn’t holding it, not even for a day.”

The mayor added that it’s not her fault if prosecution was ineffective. “I cannot force her to use her best judgment and then decide how long to investigate and when to bring charges. She did that on her own.”