Rashida Jones Developing New CW Series
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Rashida Jones has been given the green light from the CW network for her new comedy drama The Revengers, formerly known as Ladyballs.

The hour-long show looks at the lives of two long-lost friends looking for love in New York, who reunite after learning they’ve been dating the same man. The girls team up to seek revenge on their cheating guy in an effort that ends up going viral. With their revenge tactics catching lots of attention, the girls decide to use the opportunity to start a business to help others who have been wronged.

Jones will executive produce the Warner Bros. project and will garner some help from her older sister Kidada Jones, who will be one of the producers of the show.

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Jones is set to depart NBC hit comedy Parks and Recreation after its first 13 episodes of the sixth season to focus her attention on producing her new show.