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Rapper And Former Bad Boy Artist Craig Mack Dead At 46

Rapper And Former Bad Boy Artist Craig Mack Dead At 46
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Rapper and former Bad Boy artist Craig Mack has passed away.

Mack’s producer confirmed to the New York Daily News that the 46-year-old had passed away at a hospital near his South Carolina home after suffering heart failure.

Mack became widely known in the early 90s after releasing hit song “Flava in Ya Ear” and signing to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. 

Alvin Toney, who produced Mack’s debut album “Project: Funk Da World,” told the publication that he had recently visited the former rapper at the church he attended and the two had made plans to film a documentary about Mack’s decision to retire from the spotlight to focus on his faith.

Toney said, “Nobody got to understand his story. I wanted the world to know the talent he had. It was something I wanted people to enjoy, but it was cut short because he was very religious and wanted to go to church.”

Toney added that Mack had shared news of an illness and knew he wouldn’t survive much longer. 

Mack shocked fans in 2012 when a video posted to YouTube showed the former Bad Boy artist speaking at the Overcomer Ministry, The video came after tons of speculation over where the rapper had disappeared to following the release of “Mack Tonight.”

Mack is survived by his wife and two children.