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Raheem DaVaughn Defends Racy New Video

Raheem DeVaughn's racy new video "She's Single" is causing an uproar on the internet -- it's even been labeled soft-core porn. He recently spoke with Vibe.com about the video, check out his comments and let us know what you think...
If you haven’t seen Raheem DeVaughn’s racy new video, “She’s Single,” brace yourself. The R&B crooner is stirring up some controversy because the video depicts some hot and heavy sex scenes — ones that resemble the type you’d find on late-night cable. “I wanted to create an image that was tasteful, but cutting-edge, provocative, grown… real,” he said. But to call this video tasteful may be pushing the line. It’s being labeled by many as borderline soft-core porn. “It’s not a moment of desperation. Technically there ain’t no records to sell. It’s a free mixtape. I paid for the video to be shot myself. It’s just another way for me to display my artistry,” he said. You be the judge. Is “She’s Single” too much for a music video?