Kansas High Schoolers Subject To Racial Slurs During Volleyball Game
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Parents of volleyball players from Piper High School in Kansas City, Kan. are outraged after they say the team was traumatized by racial slurs that were hurled their way from students supporting the other team.

“As the African American girls were serving or entering the court, people in the stands were making monkey noises or making racial comments,” one parent, Chante Miller, told Fox4KC.

“[They were] told go back to where you came from and monkey, specifically those words,” another parent, Candice Byers added.

The incident occurred during a game at Baldwin High School.

Miller told the news station that the racist behavior even continued as the players made their way to the bus.

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“They followed them out to the bus. [My youngest daughter] was scared that something was going to happen to them,” Miller said. “She didn’t even talk to us. She was really scared. We were really upset that she was put in that position.”

Other parents who attended the game claimed online that it was camo-themed night at Baldwin, and that the students were making turkey and duck calls.

However, Byers brushed aside that excuse noting, “I feel like ‘quack quack’ is different than ‘ooh ooh aah aah. I don’t feel like you can misconstrue the two.”

Baldwin High Superintendent Paul Dorathy said in a statement that both schools are currently working to “determine the facts” of what occurred during the game, and declined to comment further pending the completion of an investigation.