White Woman Goes On Racist Rant During U.S. Virgin Islands Vacation
Mickey Tronson / Photo: Djama Esprit, Facebook
A North Dakota woman is coming under fire after she was caught on camera yelling a slew of racist slurs at locals while on vacation in the Virgin Islands. Last week, Djama Esprit posted three videos of the woman, who was later identified as Mickey Tronson, to a St. Thomas Facebook group page.

Posted by Djama Esprit on Tuesday, December 18, 2018
“So this happened last week Thursday afternoon water Island dock, thank goodness they left the territory the following day,” Esprit said on Facebook. “I patiently tolerated her to spew her inner anger which made her calm down after she realized no one paid her any attention shortly after she was allowed to board the ferry.” In the clips, the woman repeatedly used the n-word, while praising Donald Trump and calling President Obama “a motherf–king n—–r.” Once she realized Esprit was filming her, Tronson levied her attacks against him.

Posted by Djama Esprit on Tuesday, December 18, 2018
“Are you recording it you mother-f–king n—-r? You’re recording it? Put it all over Facebook,” she snarled. “F–k these motherf–king n—-rs. I hate them. I hate n—-rs. Hate them with a passion.” In several of the videos, Tronson’s partner tries to get her to stop lashing out, but she continued her racist tirade.

Posted by Djama Esprit on Tuesday, December 18, 2018
According to witnesses, Tronson was escorted off the island by police, but now that she’s gone viral — like Permit Patty, and BBQ Becky before her — her actions will continue to have repercussions that echo far beyond that day.


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