No One Is Here For This Racist Prom Proposal – Except The Girl Who Said Yes
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Florida teens are under fire after an image showing a prom proposal gone wrong went viral this week.

“You may be picking cotton but we’re picking you to go to prom with us,” the sign, held by two smiling girls white girls and a Black girl, read. The image was originally posted from a now-deleted Instagram account with the caption “she said yes.”

According to Yahoo Style, the students in the photo attend Monarch High School located in Coconut Creek, Florida. The report states that the school’s principal is aware of the sign; however, it is not yet clear if there will be disciplinary actions against any of the students. 

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An alumnus of the high school, Jon Aro — who goes by the Twitter username @papichombo — shared the screenshot from Instagram. The 18-year-old Palm Beach State College student, told Yahoo Style via Instagram direct message that a friend of his posted the image on her private Instagram page and called the joke “intolerable.”

The now viral tweet stirred controversy on social media as many expressed disapproval for the proposal. 

But these Florida teens weren’t the first to have a prom proposal with disturbing racial undertones. This has been going on for quite some time now. 

Aro shares that his reasoning behind sharing the photo is “because it is 2017 and stuff like this is completely revolting … I had thought we had been past the plight of racism.” 


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