You call her your best friend. So how come every time you hang out with her you feel like you’re at your worst? Is she lifting you up or bringing you down? Take our relationships quiz to find out if your girl is a friend or a frenemy. 1. When your friend is with you, does she talk negatively about other people that you both know? a) Yes b) No 2. When you and your friend are out and a man approaches you, is she quick to point out his flaws? a) Yes b) No 3. When she thinks you’re making the wrong decision, does she tell you how she feels before or after you’ve taken action? a) Before b) After 4. When you make a bad choice, your friend says… a) I told you so b) Let’s figure out how to grow 5. When you go to your friend about your problems, she… a) …listens to what you have to say and consoles you b) …she turns the conversation around to be all about her 6. When you tell your friend that you’re interested in a guy, does she flirt with him the next time she sees him? a) Yes b) No 7. You tell your friend you really want to lose ten pounds. She says… a) I think your beautiful, but if you want to lose weight, you’ve got my support b) Let’s order pizza, you can start losing weight tomorrow 8. You feel like you can let your friend see your true self–the good, the bad and the ugly… a) Not often enough b) All the time 9. When something good happens, like a getting a job promotion or winning an award, your friend is… a) Always there to cheer you on b) Often no where to be found Answer Key 1. a=2 pts. b=1 pt. 2. a=2 pts. b=1 pt. 3. a=1 pt. b=2pts. 4. a=1 pt. b=2pts. 5. a=1 pt. b=2pts. 6. a=2 pts. b=1 pt. 7. a=2 pts. b=1 pt. 8. a=2 pts. b=1 pt. 9. a=1 pt. b=2pts. Add up your points to find out if your girl is a friend or a fremeny If she scored 9 to 11: She’s a True Friend Your girl has your best interests at heart. She always tells you like it is, even when you don’t want her to hear it and she’s there to lift you up, not bring you down.     If she scored 12 to 15: Keep Her In Your Address Book She may not always act right, but she’s not out to bring you down and she wants to be a good girlfriend. That said, watch out because even if she doesn’t want to, your friend might be affecting you negatively. You don’t need to write her off, but do take a look at your relationship and make sure it’s working out for you. If she scored 16 to 18: Foe Fo Sho Why are you friends with this girl? No really, you need to ask yourself what makes your relationship work. You may find that she is always putting you down to make herself feel better or is she is trying to pull you down to where she is so she can have some company in the misery box. You may need to face facts that you have a frenemy.      Read More: