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The #Proud16 Black Women From West Point Are Still Under Fire, Here's How You Can Help

Let's do our part to silence the haters. 
The #Proud16 Black Women From West Point Are Still Under Fire, Here’s How You Can Help
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The #Proud16 Should Graduate!

Earlier this week I wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal talking about the controversy surrounding 16 Black women cadets at West Point who were being investigated for a photo they took with their fists raised. The academy eventually cleared them of any wrongdoing, but that hasn’t stopped some disgruntled opponents from flooding the school with calls demanding that these young women not be allowed to graduate.

If you agree that these attacks should stop, here’s what you can do. Mary Tobin, who has been the voice of the #Proud16 this week, offered these ways we can all show our support.


For everyone who has shown your support for the #Proud16, I could never thank you enough. We are just 9 days away from graduation and I can feel the excitement.

Since the findings of the investigation concluded that the 16 black women cadets at West Point did NOT violate any military regulations and that they would NOT receive any punitive actions, the responses from those who oppose this decision have been unbelievable.

They have flooded the phone lines and made their voices heard. Our voices have been heard loud and clear on social media, BUT I would like to ask a sincere favor of you:

Please take just 5 minutes of your time to CALL West Point Public Affairs Office: 845-938-2006 or 845-938-3808 and make your voice HEARD! If you have to leave a message, leave a message because those count too! Tell the Academy how you feel about these young ladies being dedicated to graduating and leading our nation during a time of war, DESPITE the opposition. You may also email too: 8pao@usma.edu Let’s flood the lines and make our voices heard! Thank you in advance!

With love, Mary