In March, 10-year-old Raniya Wright died two days after getting into a fight at school, which her mother said was an ongoing bullying situation. But on Friday, South Carolina prosecutor Duffie Stone ruled that Raniya died of natural causes, and there was no evidence that the fight contributed to her death.

According to CNN, Stone stated, “There was no evidence of trauma on or inside her body … that would indicate that any fight (of) any magnitude contributed to her death,” Stone said.”There will be no criminal charges brought”.

Raniya’s death sparked outrage in her community and many wondered why the staff at Forest Hills Elementary School didn’t intervene when they received complaints of bullying.

Ashley Wright, Raniya’s mother, spoke to Good Morning America recently and wanted answers.

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“I’m very upset with the school system, starting out, only because of the fact that I’ve been complaining about the person that she fought numerous times to them,” Wright said. “That’s what really breaks me down and makes me question to myself why nothing was never done up until now with this happening.”

After the fight in March, Raniya arrived at a local hospital unconscious and was then airlifted to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She died two days later.

Officials have not stated what type of natural causes resulted in Raniya’s death.