Prosecutors Dismiss Case Against Shanesha Taylor, Arizona Mom Who Left Kids in Hot Car
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Arizona mom Shanesha Taylor faced two felony child abuse charges for leaving her children in a hot car while she went to a job interview earlier this year.

Five months later, prosecutors from the Maricopa County Attorney’s office have dismissed charges on the condition that she complete parenting and substance abuse courses and establish education and child care trust funds for her three children. 

Taylor told the Associated Press how much gratitude she felt for the leniency of the prosecutor. “I’m grateful for the offer that was extended to me and the opportunity to resolve this situation as well as to show my intentions,” said Taylor. 

Taylor was arrested back in March, after Scottsdale bystanders watched her two sons—who were 2 years and 6-months-old at the time—sit in an SUV that had heated to over 100 degrees. The windows were just cracked an inch and the infant was crying and sweating. Taylor told police that she was unable to find a babysitter, and as a single mom, didn’t know what else to do. 

The Maricopa County Attorney involved in the case, Bill Montgomery, has proposed what he is calling a “just resolution” that serves the best interests of Taylor’s family. Taylor is still going to be held accountable for her actions, but as her lawyer says, “justice doesn’t always have to mean punishment.” She has been able to visit her kids and hopes to regain custody of them shortly. 

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