Passport photos can be the stuff of nightmares, even for the beautiful ones. In this selfie age of perfect lighting and just the right angle, it can be hard to face the stark white background, neutral face and filter-free lens. However, in case you didn’t already know, Prince isn’t like the rest of us.

Prince Honors Vanity While Kicking Off World Tour

The icon has completely changed the game with a new passport photo he recently shared on Twitter. His eyes are perfectly lined, skin is flawless, his expression meets the requirements—neutral or with a natural smile—and he gazes straight into the camera. Or is he looking straight into our souls? This just might be the most hypnotic image ever posted to the Internet. 

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Prince’s Proteges: 9 Fierce Women Who Got The Purple One’s Stamp Of Approval

The bar has been set, friends. From now on a run to your local Walgreens won’t do. Forget asking your friend, the amateur photographer, to take your picture. Before you step in front of that passport camera you need to ask yourself, what would Prince do?